Arievolution Healing Arts


1 hour in home massage $175  

1.5 hour in home massage $225

2 hour in home massage $275



5 (1hr) in home massage: $800 (Save $75)

5 (1.5hr) sessions: $1000 (Save $125)

10 (1hr) sessions: $1550 (Save $200)

10 (1.5hr) sessions: $2000 (Save $250) 



A luxurious traditional Swedish Massage using pure oils in long gliding strokes on bare skin. Your body will enjoy various techniques that will compress, stretch, detox tissues and deeply relax you as you lay between soft sheets. Care will be taken to preserve your modesty while you melt into the table and soak up the soothing and hydrating oils. Swedish massage is helpful for increasing circulation and muscle tone, stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system, and relieving overall tensions in the body and mind. A classic full body massage.



Deep tissue is performed with little to no oil. This style of massage is wonderful for those deeper layers of tension and chronic issues. Sinking slowly into the tissues, it is possible to access deep emotional holdings and patterns, as well as give relief to aches and pains. In this way we are able to bring oxygen and energy to those hard to access areas of the body and allow the body to heal. Range of motion techniques may also be used to stretch and strengthen muscles. Great for those stubborn issues. Deep Swedish techniques are encorporated into your Deep Tissue treatment and for those who prefer to remain clothed, you have that option. 


Chi Nei Tsang (chee nay song) is the ancient Chinese practice of applying chi energy to the internal organs of the body for detoxification and emotional healing. The Taoist monks used this work in order to harbor the higher spiritual energies needed for their practice. It is sometimes described as feng shui for the internal organs as a session often helps the energy flow through the body with increased ease. A session is fully clothed with the belly exposed in order to access the large intestine, liver and other organs. CNT is effective in relieving abdominal discomfort and addressing issues such as IBS, ulcers, parasites, acid reflux and many others. The results will vary from person to person, but clients often communicate what a deeply relaxing, grounding and spiritual experience it was for them. This is by far my favorite treatment to both give and receive!



Massage is very important for soon to be mothers and receiving regular sessions is an amazing way to bond more with your baby as massage releases oxytocin which is known as the bonding hormone. Every 2 weeks is ideal to receive massage during pregnancy and it can be a tremendous help for your quickly changing body. Release stress, ease muscle tension, and embrace your body!



One and a half hours of total relaxation. A Swedish and Deep Tissue full body oil massage addressing areas of tension followed by a therapeutic chi nei tsang session for detoxification of the internal organs. This treatment is a profoundly relaxing and rejuvinating experience for clients as they are able to receive the best of both worlds. For those timid about getting belly work, this is an excellent way to introduce the work as the full body massage relaxes you to a point where the abdomin is open and ready to release emotional congestion. A wonderful way to unwind into a quiet and reflective evening!



This treatment is an offshoot of Chi Nei Tsang and applies Chi to the spine in gentle listening touch. It is a wonderfully relaxing experience that puts the body into parasympathetic response so that energy is able to flow where it needs to for healing and release in the body. This is a perfect addition to your CNT or bodywork therapy, or as its own separate hour long treatment. Your back will first be warmed with hot towels and then essential oils will be applied to further relax the nervous system and muscles. An excellent choice for those suffering from scoliosis or other spinal issues.



Learn ancient Chinese Taoist exercises for energy cultivation and mastery combined with revitalizing aromatherapy applications. An excellent way to maintain health and transform negative energy into positive. Chi Kung, aka qigong, is one of the internal arts similar to Tai Chi, and can be practiced daily as a moving meditation. Enhanced aromatherapy benefits include oxygenating and enriching the blood, strengthening the bones, grounding one's energy, opening to universal and cosmic energy, improved energy flow, resisting sickness and boosting the immune system, increased self awareness, and slowing down in order to experience internal peace. 



Warmed jade or basalt stones glide across oiled skin, melting your muscles and allowing deeper penetration and release of tensions. Placement of hot stones on specific chakra points and other areas of the body allows a sense of grounding and connection to the earth, and is perfect therapy in the winter months or for those who gravitate toward heat. Cold stones can be coupled with hot stones to increase circulation, or if there is a need for alternating cold/hot therapy to injuries in place of ice. Cooled stones placed under the eyes is great for reducing puffyness. Choose to experience one, or both of these stone treatments.


First melt into the table as your back is warmed with hot towels and your feet are massaged with essential oils. Then experience the powerful effects as the purest of essential oils are dropped over the spine like little raindrops and brushed toward the crown in specific patterns. Massage of the spinal muscles further relaxes the parasympathetic nervous system as the life bloods of the various plants seep into the spine and circulatory system. This treatment is said to chase parasites out of the spine and has proven very helpful in resolving scoliosis and other spinal issues.  



This next level raindrop therapy treatment uses the most sacred and healing oils of ancient scripture to anoint the spine in layers of higher frequencies. It is a divine experience to be saturated with these precious oils, including frankincense, sandalwood and myrrh among others, and recipients often travel to beautiful places during this prayerful and meditative energy treatment. Prepare to be enlightened! 



While immersing your feet in water, a series of timed positive and negative ions are being released to invigorate, recondition and synchronize the body's natural ionic flow. The result is that your body can detox safely at it's own pace. This detoxification happens mainly after the treatment and is likely to take place via the organs of detoxification i.e. Your kidneys, liver and skin. The best results are achieved by running a 30 minute ion foot detox session while you relax comfortable in a chair. There is no discomfort during the treatment and the process is very safe, but it is not recommended for pregnant women, anyone with a pacemaker or people with organ transplants. You will be astounded and curious as the water changes from a clear to lightly colored shade, then to darker shades with different colored inclusions indicative of which organs are releasing toxins. 

Add to reflexology treatment.  Allow 45 minutes...


Start with a detoxifying ionic foot bath and then relax into the table as your feet, hands and ears are massaged on specific points to relieve pain and stimulate healing within the body. All of the body systems can be accessed through the feet and this is an excellent area to absorb the benefits of essential oils as it takes about 20 minutes for the oil to penetrate every cell in the body. This is a profoundly relaxing experience and many people fall asleep during treatment.